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7 Quick Tips for Filming a Great Interview

14 July 2023

Interviews are powerful tools for storytelling and conveying compelling narratives. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker, a content creator, or a business owner wanting to communicate your company’s values, capturing engaging interviews requires careful planning and execution. Here at Kurios Creative Media, we want to help you succeed in your creative ventures. In this article, we will share seven essential quick tips to help you film a great interview that resonates with your audience. From preparation to post-production, these practical guidelines will enable you to create impactful and memorable interview videos.

Thoroughly Prepare for the Interview

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The foundation of a successful interview lies in thorough preparation. It’s the worst feeling to finish a shoot and then remember on the way home, “Oh, we forgot to talk about that!” Research your subject, understand their background, and craft a list of questions that elicit insightful and engaging responses. This preparation will help guide the conversation effectively and ensure you capture the most relevant and compelling information.

Choose the Right Location and Lighting

Selecting an appropriate location and optimizing lighting conditions significantly impact the overall quality of your interview footage. Choose a quiet and visually appealing space that complements the subject’s story. Consider utilizing natural light or invest in suitable lighting equipment to ensure your subject is well-lit and visually pleasing. If you’re hiring a professional to shoot your interview, make sure to let them know the lighting conditions and environment you’ll be filming in so they can prepare accordingly. Here at Kurios, we’ve got the lighting equipment to shoot in a variety of locations.

Framing and Composition

The framing of your shots plays a crucial role in capturing an engaging interview. Follow the rule of thirds, positioning your subject slightly off-center for a visually pleasing composition. Maintain proper headroom and ensure the subject is in focus and well-framed throughout the interview. Adding in some smooth tracking shots is another way to add some visual interest and stand out from static talking head videos. In today’s short attention span world, it’s important to keep the content visually compelling and moving at a good pace.

Capture High-Quality Audio

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Good audio quality is essential for a successful interview video. While a lot of people will put up with mediocre video quality if the content is good, fewer people will be able to tolerate poor audio quality even if the content is strong. Invest in a quality microphone or lavalier mic to capture clear and crisp audio. Test audio levels before starting the interview and monitor throughout the process to avoid technical issues that compromise sound quality. A boom mic is a great way to hide your audio capture and make the interview seem more natural.

Establish a Connection with the Interviewee

Building a rapport and establishing a connection with your interviewee is key to capturing authentic and engaging responses. Create a comfortable environment, maintain eye contact, actively listen, and respond empathetically. Show genuine interest in their story and use appropriate body language to encourage open and honest dialogue. Don’t take this for granted, as the comfort level of your interviewee will be directly correlated to how their performance on camera will look. Subconscious twitches, nervous ticks, and stuttering can all be lessened as the person in front of the camera is put at ease. So, make sure to schedule extra time to help calm their nerves and put them at ease. Sometimes doing a few practice takes is the best way to work off the jitters.

If you’re using a teleprompter for the interview, check out our guide on how to look like a pro using a teleprompter!

Incorporate B-Roll and Cutaways

Enhance your interview videos by incorporating B-roll footage and cutaways. The B-roll provides additional visual context and adds depth to the storytelling. Capture shots that highlight the subject’s work, environment, or relevant details to supplement the interview footage and create a visually captivating final product. It also gives a visual break to the audience and enables you to retain their attention for longer stretches than just a single shot.

Effective Editing and Post-Production

The final stage of creating a great interview video lies in effective editing and post-production. Review and select the best clips that convey the desired message. Trim unnecessary sections, add transitions, and consider incorporating graphics or text overlays, if appropriate. Pay attention to pacing, and overall flow, and ensure the final edit aligns with your storytelling vision.

Filming a great interview requires careful planning, technical finesse, and the ability to connect with your interviewee. By following these seven essential tips, you’ll be well on your way to capturing compelling and impactful interviews.

If you need help professionally filming an interview, feel free to contact us. We’ve got the gear and expertise to deliver high-quality video and audio as well as a talent for helping our clients look and sound their best on video. We’d love to work together on your next interview project!

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