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The Thing (Fantastic Four)

A fan art piece of the character The Thing from the Fantastic Four by Marvel. High-poly 3D Sculpt and low-poly video game model.


An original video game character. High poly sculpt and low-poly video game model with textures.

Old Man Sculpt

A concept head bust sculpt of an old man for 3D printing.

Old Elven Archer

An original concept of an old elven archer based off the Lord of the Rings mythology.


A sculpt I did based on a concept by Lauren May.


A sculpt I did of Hedwig from Harry Potter for a line of collectibles from Warner Brothers

3D Character Sculpting

Rampage - Video Game Character Model

We’re passionate about Character Art and design. Our 3D sculpts are carefully detailed and made to the highest standards of quality. We specialize in character work but also take on other types of 3D projects. We provide a full service of 3D design, concept sculpting and prototyping, with high-resolution sculpts for 3D printing and toy or collectible manufacturing, or low-poly modelling, UVs, texturing and surfacing for mobile, console or PC games. With over 10 years of industry experience and clear communication, we make our customers’ satisfaction our top priority!

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